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B & B Complex is a one stop place offering a wide variety of services. Located by the road side at Carrefour Tam Tam about 20m from the cross roads’ point. Located in a safe and friendly neighborhood, your safety    will always be your last worry at B & B Complex. Find, standard, comfortable, neat and homely furnished apartments. B & B Complex offers you all the necessary amenities you need to make your apartment your home (Air condition rooms and sitting room, complete kitchen, 43” flat screen TV sets with satellite channel   decoders etc.)

Find on site a modern and beautifully equipped 21st century restaurant offering you a wide variety of meals on the menu. B & B Restaurant offers you an African, Cameroonian, Continental and oriental menu. Find on    site too a well-equipped bar with a wide variety of drinks. Ranging from whiskies, wine, beers, soft gaseous   drinks, fresh juice and cocktails of many kinds.

B & B Complex offers car rental services both for nationals and internationals. B & B Rented or book vehicle upon request shall pick up guests from the airport. B & B Car rentals offers you a variety of clean comfortable cars to choose from. Since all vehicles are B & B owned, renters have no worry of dealing with more than one party for their needs.

B & B Catering Services offers you a wide variety of services. Backed by a very qualified personnel and cooks, you can rest easy. B & B Catering Services has you covered, from preparing and composing a great menu for your event and including details as per your request and theme. B & B Catering also rents out to you all the plates, cutlery and pantries needed to make your event a memorable one. We handle the catering of your  event, you handle the celebration/partying.

B & B Décor is here to back you up in the beautifying of your chosen event venue. You pick or describe a theme and we make it your reality. We have a wide variety of themes for you to choose from. B & B Décor also  rents out furniture for your events. Ranging from quality imported chairs, tables, drop back boards for exclusive picture taking among many other services.
B & B Complex has a well-trained and qualified personnel to treat you as the Kings and Queens that you are. B & B Complex’s doors are opened to you at any time of the day. Call, Email, Text Us for any query you may have of to ask for a quotation of a desired service.

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