Food is our passion, and it shows. We use only the freshest ingredients, in the dishes we prepare, including cuisine from all around the world such as African, continental and oriental dishes, and more. Our extensive menu will have something for everyone – even the pickiest eaters, while also pleasing the most discerning palettes. Our catering services are perfect for weddings, private parties, corporate events, festivals, sales calls, family get together, and more.


Every good meal should come paired with a delicious beverage. B & B Catering offers a full beverage service including bar catering along with our delicious food options. Our experienced bartenders can handle everything from exquisite wine pairings to fancy cocktail parties. Beer and Wine Package Includes a wide variety of; bottled beer, canned beer wine, whisky and Soda accompanied with ice, olives, cut lemon and groundnuts. Soft gaseous and fresh drinks, bottled and canned.

Rentals for linens and cutlery

Our dinnerware and equipment rentals can help you transform any space into a gorgeously decorated room, worthy of your event. We can provide silverware, linens, glassware, dishes, cutlery, and even decor. Let our finishing touches set your event over the top.

Planning for events

Not everyone is a wizard at planning events. We have an event planner on staff so you don’t have to be. Let our planner help you with all of the details including selecting a venue, coordinating entertainment, and more. We will make sure everything is in order and no detail is overlooked so that you can enjoy your event while we do the work. Our event planner has relationships with top venues in Yaounde to help you get a great rate for your space as well!

Qualities of B & B Catering Services:

a) Great Cooking

At the end, it will all comes down to great cooking and the quality of food which is being offered to the people. No matter how extraordinary the décor is or how great the location is, if the food is not up to the mark, the clients are never going to return. A lot of cooking experience is required to plan the menus, timely preparing the meals, reheating them, and to transport them safely to the location. At B & B Catering we bring you the most experienced cooks chefs in the business. We include menus for diabetic patients upon request. No one is left out at events planned and organized by B & B.

b) Good Drinks

It is easy to forget that the drinks are just as important as the food. No meal is perfect until it has the right beverage accompanying it. Look for a caterer who not only provides the drinks, but provides top quality drinks. We’ve got you covered.

c) Food Safety

Anytime that food is being handled, you want to make sure that it isn’t becoming contaminated. This is even more important when choosing a caterer, who will most likely have to transport your food from their kitchen to your venue. Make sure the caterer you hire is up to date on all the modern storage and transportation facilities as well as reliable.

d) Adaptability

Even the most carefully planned event always has some unforeseen crisis. Whether it’s more guests than expected or a mishap at the buffet table, B & B Catering staff are always on their toes and ready to adjust to whatever the situation requires.

e) Customer Service

We are courteous and tactful while working with the clients because they need to be absolutely satisfied. Our staff have amazing communication.

f) Creativity and Flexibility

Recipes need to be reformed and adjusted to cope with the food allergies or to conform to the religious requirements of the people. Only a flexible and adaptive caterer can triumph in such a situation as they will have a way out to make things work according to the demands of the client.

g) Leadership

B & B Catering has a large staff comprising of cooks, servers, dishwashers, cleaners, and decorators which needs to be supervised at all times. We ensure that the entire team is right on schedule and there is no compromise on the food safety. Food safety and quality is our responsibility and thus, we possess some exemplary skills in this regard.

h) Attention to Detail

We are in charge of everything from the presentation of the food to the decoration on the table. Thus, we have an eye which can easily pick up minute details. This helps in avoiding any such situation which can spoil the event for the client and bring a bad name to B & B Catering Services.

i) Table Service

You don’t have to have white plates sitting on white tablecloths. B & B Catering has many options available for you to choose from so that you can pick the table service that perfectly matches the feel of your event.

j) Flexibility

Before looking at individual caterers, you usually sit down and figure out what your budget is. You then find a caterer who is willing to work with you to get you the service you want at a price range that you can afford. At B & B Catering Services, we’ve got your back. We are very flexible at adjusting our menus and services to suit your price range and still achieve a memorable event for you.

k) Experience

The longer your caterer had been in business, the smoother your event will go. We a lot of experience planning, hosting events and catering for events. We have catered severally for state organized events, religious events, numerous seminars, weddings etc.

l) Extra Services

In addition to great food your event needs entertainment, decorations, and a million other tiny touches. Check to see if your caterer can handle any of these details for you. At the very least, your caterer should have a list of recommendations for you. If they can’t even offer you that, there is a caterer who can and that is B & B Catering Service.

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